2018 Season


Mission Statement

To play golf at least once a week, and to have enjoyment and camaraderie with fellow golfers.

When: TRF Golf course on Monday nights beginning Monday May 7th at 5:40 PM.

Games of the Week that may be played

  • Longest drive in Fairway
  • Most Fairways
  • Least Fairways
  • Draw a putt winner
  • Least putts
  • Closest in 1 (a ball on green is closer than a ball off green)
  • Closest to pin in 2 (a ball on green is closer than a ball off green)
  • Longest putt (must be putt from green, not fringe)

Fun events that may occur

  • Scramble Tournament
  • Unlimited mulligan night
  • 3 clubs and putter
  • all Irons
  • 1 Club team tournament
  • Tech vs. IT Team Scramble
  • Ryder Cup
  • Multiple Mulligan Nights


Dictator:  Bob Bastian
Secretaries:  Tony Gilbert
Treasurer: Ryan Rogalla   
Entertainment Directors: Jared Hofstad & Anthony Bruggeman


  1. Play Ready Golf
  2. Winter Rules apply
  3. No Gimmies given
  4. Mulligan will cost $1 for mulligan off any tee box ONLY, but only 1 per 9 holes. You must use Mulligan ball.
  5. Misses for individual scoring will be league average or 36 which ever is highest. Plus,  0 for the first miss, +1 for second, +2 for 3rd
  6. Upon failing to have the ball in play after 2 swings from any tee box you may take your distance for which you will be hitting stroke 5 from that point. (Ness Rule).
  7. Entry fee of $90 per team for games of the day, end of year payouts and prizes. Mulligans for year-end Food and Drink banquet.
  8. Finney rule allows you one hole late to catch up to last flight for eligible league score.
  9. Maximum score per hole is par plus 6 strokes. Upon reaching the limit pickup your ball.
  10. Handicap based League.
  11. Must be present to win games of the day and prizes at the club house.
  12. End of season tie breaker will be decided by 1 hole “play-off “
  13. Gilbert rule states that any holes not completed will result in a score of 10.
  14. Maximum Handicap of 20 will be given.
  15. Placement will be determined with head to head play of the top 8 teams the last 3 weeks.
  16. Each member is eligible for one major prize per year.
  17. Must have purchased a Thief River Golf Club Membership.
  18. Shot gun tee off at 5:40 PM.